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About The Founder - Trey Villareal

Revolutionizing Ankle Recovery

Trey Villarreal’s inspiring story behind Achilles

Meet Trey Villarreal, the visionary force behind Achilles – more than a product, it's a testament to resilience, innovation, and the unwavering spirit of its Founder & CEO. Trey, not only a cancer survivor but also deeply passionate about uplifting marginalized communities, embodies the heart, mind, and soul of this exceptional venture. His extraordinary story is a narrative of triumph over adversity, where setbacks became the steppingstones to groundbreaking solutions, changing the game in ankle recovery and exercise.

Raised in the Rio Grande Valley within the confines of a low-income household, where homes were transient, and financial stability was a perpetual challenge, Trey found inspiration in the hardships he faced. Sports became a positive influence and outlet. “The drive to compete shaped everything moving forward, in life and success,” he recalls. This realization instilled a fierce competitiveness that fueled his determination to excel. Motivated by the relentless pursuit of more, he also adopted habits of meditation and reading at the age of 14. Reflecting on his journey, Trey highlights two fundamental keys to success he acquired early on – the art of salesmanship and the spirit of competition.

For Trey, success initially wore the guise of materialism, driven by the competitive edge. However, a significant transition occurred when he realized that true success was about having the freedom to pursue experiences. "Success to me at a very young age was more materialistic. But it has since reversed stages now. It's more about having the freedom to do whatever it is that you want, to really attain your dreams," he explains.

During the pinnacle of his football career as an all-state quarterback in Texas, Trey's trajectory unexpectedly shifted with a severe ankle injury, tearing ligaments on already weakened ankles, threatening to shatter his dream.  Faced with the choice of sacrificing his passion or enduring another surgery, armed with tools acquired through reading and meditation, Trey forged a third path – one of innovation. Recognizing that surgery would sideline him for the season and beyond, Trey refused to accept defeat, a mindset ingrained in him for life. "I need to get a scholarship to play football somewhere. This is my gateway to college. I have to play. I cannot get another surgery," he declared. Fueled by unyielding determination, Trey turned frustration into inspiration, sparking the vision of Achilles, a revolutionary ankle machine born out of personal need that he and his dad constructed using simple materials from a local hardware store. The early Achilles prototype's effectiveness, unverified by data but validated through Trey's subsequent achievements of winning two National Championships as a starting linebacker without ever experiencing another ankle injury and earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, speaks volumes.

Beyond the product and its prototype lies Trey's deep understanding of the human spirit. "What cancer taught me was mental strength," he shares. His own battle with stage 2 cancer in 2019 was another milestone that shaped his outlook on life. Instead of succumbing to despair, he embraced the challenge with a competitive spirit, viewing it as a game to be won. "I wired my brain to think that we're competing against this disease," Trey shares, highlighting the mental strength that saw him through and infused Achilles with a deeper purpose. "At the time, I was questioning my life... I questioned whether I was going to be an entrepreneur? Am I going to create something?"

His reading list during this period included life-changing books like "Becoming Supernatural" and "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind." These spiritual and mind-expanding works, along with "How Not to Die," which guided him during his battle with cancer, became cornerstones of Trey's transformed outlook.

A true innovator, Trey’s initial creation of Achilles evolved from a wooden prototype to the sleek, metal-framed powerhouse it is today. In just two short years, Trey and his team's commitment to improvement has transformed Achilles into a global phenomenon, trusted by professional athletes, celebrities, and individuals seeking top-tier ankle recovery.

For Trey, innovation is not a static concept; it's a perpetual evolution, constantly enriched by the wealth of knowledge he gained from his sports experience. Since 2017, he has also been extending this expertise to train athletes and most recently celebrities, seamlessly intertwining his passion for physical wellbeing with Achilles, ensuring it remains a pioneering force in recovery.

His vision extends beyond the device, envisioning a future where technology meets rehabilitation. With plans to integrate cutting-edge features into Achilles, such as repetition tracking and range of motion metrics, Trey aims to elevate the recovery experience to new heights. Trey's holistic approach extends to an upcoming app, offering exclusive workouts, insightful podcasts with athletes and doctors, and a platform to foster discussions on injury prevention and overall wellbeing.

Beyond Achilles, Trey's passion for inspiring change in marginalized communities shines through. "I've been wanting to share my story, especially for the Latino community because, culture-wise, many of us are not taught to dream," he reveals. Trey envisions a future where young minds in small communities can break free from limiting beliefs, stating, “I want them to understand that if they invest in themselves, they can ultimately change the direction of their life.” He also shares a lyric from one of his favorite musicians, emphasizing “it's not about what you go through, but it's about how you go through it.” 

Trey's story isn’t just about overcoming; it’s about soaring beyond limits, proving that every setback is a setup for a remarkable comeback. Join him on this transformative journey with Achilles, where innovation meets recovery, and every step echoes the power of resilience. 

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